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7 Months

Christmas 1990

This year our Christmas Greetings come from Charlottesville, Virginia. We have located to this beautiful area because David has retired from the Army -- and just at the right time, too. After 20 years in the military we are civilians.

David is the Director of Clinical Services at the University of Virginia, and the Chief of Endoscopy. In October he was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of the American College of Gastroenterology.

Kristin has found a job in Commercial Real Estate in the Charlottesville area. Her work is mostly administrative and she has been named the Director of Commercial Services. This daily activity keeps her off the tennis courts and out of the shops.

Brian is a Senior at Episcopal High School in Alexandria and has just finished a winning season as captain of the soccer team. He is narrowing his choices of colleges and is anticipating graduation.

When we moved to Virginia, Jessica decided to remain in Maryland. She is currently working in the circulation department of a Maryland newspaper, supporting herself and her gas guzzling, oil burning automobile. She is hoping to return to school soon.

We seem to be traveling as mush as ever even though we have moved. David has been invited to consult, give talks and to moderate panels all over the country. While Kristin joins him occasionally, her time is taken up with fulltime work.

Since we are now "Virginians" we are cheering on the UVA Football Team and were thrilled when our new team was ranked #1 in the nation. How fleeting is fame! We've lost three of the last four games but are still going to the Cotton Bowl Game.

This past year has been one of change and transition for all of us. We still haven't sold our home in Maryland in the soft market. We look forward to paying the mortgage for only one home!

The Peura Family extends its warmest wishes to you for a joyous holiday season and hopes that the "reason for the season" enters your hearts and gives you peace.

David, Kristin, and Brian