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Christmas 1991

Our Christmas message this year comes from the "empty nesters" in Charlottesville, Virginia. With both kids freshman in college this year, Kristin has forgotten how to cook and David has forgotten how to stay up half the night, worrying about the last teenager through the door.

We managed to sell our home in Silver Spring, Maryland: actually, we gave it away after it had been on the market for 15 months. What a relief!

Brian graduated from Episcopal High School last June and entered Denison University in Granville, Ohio this past fall. He loves the school and has just pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rugby has replaced soccer as his full time sport at college.

Jessica moved to Charlottesville last February. After several years of drifting through menial jobs she has come to value the education that she took so lightly three years ago. She is now a full time student at Piedmont Virginia Community College in town, working with a babysitting service to keep herself in macaroni and cheese.

David continues to work hard at the University of Virginia. He is still travelling and consulting and is much involved with the politics of several national medical associations. Last New Year's Eve, David was asked by the military to report for Desert Storm. Ten days later, just two days before his scheduled departure, the request was mysteriously canceled. Needless to say we were thrilled!

Kristin continues to work in Commercial Real Estate Management as Administrator.

Part of Brian's high school graduation present was a family trip to Alaska (see picture of the three of us standing in front of a glacier). A combination business (for David) and pleasure (for Brian and Kristin) trip provided us with opportunity for salmon fishing, float plane flying over glaciers, a cruise of the inland waterway, and a trip to Glacier Bay. We hope to go back next June to see a bit more of the state.

After Kristin's father died in 1990, her mother has put her home in Maine up for sale and has moved into an apartment complex in Charlottesville. We are able to see her nearly every day.

We wish you much happiness in the coming year. Our friends are dear to us. Christmas is the time when we write to you but at other times of the year you are often in our thoughts.

The Peura Family -- David, Kristin and Brian