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Christmas 1992

Once again our Christmas greeting comes from Charlottesville, Virginia where natives tell us that we must purchase a four wheel drive vehicle to surmount the snowdrifts which are certain to come this year. Last year we had two dustings of snow, not even an inch! As native New Englanders we remember real snow.

Brian has been back home with us for a semester. Last summer he was a counselor at a boy's wilderness camp in North Carolina. The first night was the only night when all were in camp. The balance of the summer was spent hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and the like. He had such a great time that he was surprised at the end of summer to receive compensation for having such fun. He's accepted a position next summer at Camp Deep Woods. Next semester he will be attending a National Outdoor Leadership School in the Rocky Mountains where he will learn winter survival skills. He's looking forward to this program before heading back to school in the fall.

David has become more involved this year with the national organizations for Gastroenterologists, planning meetings and making policies. He is as busy as ever in the clinic at the University of Virginia and still does a great deal of traveling and gives talks. Golf is still his main obsession and he plays as frequently as he can wherever his travels take him.

Kristin has been promoted to Manager of Commercial Administration at Great Eastern Management Company. The two shopping centers in Charlottesville and one in Lynchburg keep her busy full time.

David's parents are still enjoying the life of Riley in Vero Beach, Florida from September through May, and manage to travel to Massachusetts in the summer.

Our best wishes go out to you and your family for a happy and healthy holiday season. At this festive season we think of all friends we have made over the years and send our holiday greetings.

The Peura Family