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Christmas 1994

Dear friends and family, you are in our thoughts all year round. During the holiday season we think of you with love, joy and gratitude for your friendship.

But what a year it has been! In addition to all the traveling that David has been doing for the past several years, two very large responsibilities have been heaped on his shoulders -- he took on the job of Interim Chief at the Gastroenterology Department at UVa and he is heading up the National Initiative for the promotion of Digestive Health coordinated by the four GI societies. At this time last year, with his schedule already full, these two new jobs were a big surprise. After much thought, but little time to contemplate, he accepted the challenge. For the rest of the year we celebrated any weekend that he was home as a vacation. Golf? Forget about it...maybe next year!

Brian has been studying up a "snow" storm in Montana. His forestry major at the University of Montana is expanding into other interesting areas such as soils and the environment. This from the former little boy who was in his element in the mud and dirt! He seems to have found his niche in the great outdoors, and has shared the beauty of mountain wilderness with his parents. He knows how to set his priorities -- time aside for biking, hiking and skiing.

Kristin is busier than ever, managing three retail shopping centers in Central Virginia. Expansion spawned by the improving economy creates daily challenges that keep her occupied from dawn to dusk -- no time to shop in the stores she oversees. An experienced traveler on the Information Highway, equipped with a upgraded home computer network, Kristin would love to receive email from any fellow travelers []. You can reach David, who is struggling to get further than the on ramp, too [].

This past summer Kristin's mother was very ill and the resultant hospitalization took its toll on the whole family. Thankfully she not only pulled through, but in many ways, seems stronger that before. One of the hardest things now is the realization that driving the car and the independence that we all take for granted is gone. The family has become more aware of the fragility of life and the necessity of planning for the future needs of the elderly.

Grammie and Grandfather once again made their annual winter trek to Florida. They love the climate and the ease of living in Vero Beach. Letters from Florida include news of doctors appointments and health issues coupled with a real zest for life and thanks to God for the day just passed. Their outlook is wonderful, an example to us all.

We wish you the joy of the season - knowledge of the Savior, the peace of His love and the blessings of health and happiness for you and your family.