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Christmas 1995

Dear friends, Can it be true that the days 'till Christmas are dwindling and that 1996 is nearly here? In the year that we are celebrating our 50th birthdays, it seems that we are busier (and younger?) than ever!

David continues to be active in national GI projects. He was elected as Secretary of the American College of Gastroenterology in October. The National Digestive Health Initiative Campaign that David helped organize in 1994 bore fruits in 1995. The Helicobacter Pylori infection that you have heard so much about in the news keeps David busy. Travel escalates and weekends evaporate. At least some of the trips have turned into mini-vacations for us and we have learned to make the most of the few weekends we have together.

Kristin developed the home page for Charlottesville Apartments on the Internet. If you cruise the World Wide Web, take a look at it and let us know what you think (email address is You will find the hypertext link in any of the major search engines. Shopping Center management is only a part of her responsibilities now. She was elected as treasurer of the International Host Programs, an organization affiliated with the University of Virginia which aids international students acclimate to life in the United States.

Brian and his girlfriend Melissa are coming home for the holidays on the 23rd of December. They will have a whole month to relax and have fun away from the books before gearing up for the final push to graduation. Brian will be graduating next December with a major in Forestry. Now the question of employment raises its head - will the future hold graduate school or will all the training pay off and help him land a job? It's not hard to tell which choice Mom and Dad prefer!

Grammie and Grandfather continue to be snowbirds in Vero Beach, Florida in the winter, and spend the summer with us in Charlottesville. Grammie takes Water Color classes at the local museum. Our home is decorated with many of her striking paintings and she has sold some of her pieces even though it is hard to part with them. Grandfather still drives locally and does the day-to-day errands, although for several years the trek to Florida has been made via Amtrak car-train with overnight accommodations.

Kristin's mother, Ruth, continues to amaze us all. Having fully recovered from her illness in 1994, she was strong enough to vacation in Maine this past summer for 6 weeks and thrived on the experience while we all sweltered in the South. She is living in a retirement community in Charlottesville and, after residing there for over a year, is becoming more acclimated to it.

One of the best things that has happened to us in Charlottesville is that we have finally found a church home. After five years years of searching we have found a caring congregation who has opened their arms to us in the manner in which we were received when we lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. This past July we became members of a congregation which had just finished building its sanctuary - Peace Lutheran Church. The name says it all and we are very happy.

Especially during this holiday season we think of you with love, joy and gratitude for your friendship.