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7 Months

Christmas 2001

Special Blessings and greeting for Christmas. Our holiday letter, written in the midst of highly charged events in the news and life changing developments, recounts the joys but also the sorrows of the past year as we strive to make sense out of events which continue to unfold in ways we had never before imagined could happen.

The kids (adults though they are) continue to bring us much happiness as they go about their daily lives. Jessica spent a full school term in South Africa, studying as part of an exchange program in Bloemfontein, a city nestled in the mountains of a place far, far from home. But after five months of study and adventure, she came home in high spirits to tackle yet another semester at Virginia Tech. But graduate? That seems a "dirty" word as she faces a triple major and then post graduate education. Perhaps by the time she is forty.....

Brian and his bride of 1 years are still in Charleston, South Carolina and are enjoying married life and their work Jen is half way through her residency training in Internal Medicine and was named Intern of the Year last spring. She is planning future training in Cardiology, maybe after a Chief Resident year. Brian is a Financial Analyst at Westvaco a very difficult position during this period of downsizing. He is back in school three nights a week studying accounting. When not working or studying he is out on the links hoping someday to beat his father in a round of golf. The Charleston Peuras expect to remain there for some time and have just put their current home on the market, hoping to move in closer to the action downtown.

David continues to be active in national medical organizations while maintaining a full schedule on the University of Virginia faculty. Most weekends he can be found on the road so the occasional weekend at home is always a bonus. He has finally given up being "on call" but in return has agreed to head up the motility activities. In addition, he has accepted another 5 year term as chairman of the Human Investigation Committee. Busy? That's the truth!

Kristin just celebrated ten years with Great Eastern Management Company and wears another hat there now as resident computer hardware and software guru. In addition, all the other things that normally fall to the Manager of Commercial Administration still remain in her bailiwick. Evenings are spent in the home office working on the church website - Kristin is the web master. Check out the site: and let her know what you think!

We have all seen lives changed by the recent terrorist events in our country and Charlottesville is no exception. We are tempted to lock the door once everyone is safely home but realize that there is no longer any place that offers us the security we once took for granted. Travel is harder but friendship seems easier. And so this holiday season when we write to friends we have made over the years, it is an especially good time to say "thank you" for friendship offered, friendship received and friendship remembered. So as you celebrate the Holy Season of Christmas, know that you are in our thoughts and that we cherish the memories we have created together