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Christmas Letter 2004

Last year, we promised ourselves that in 2004 we would organize our annual Christmas letter to reflect upon the past year and how events have effected who we are. We find ourselves, instead, immersed in the changes of the past year and looking toward the next with anticipation, so introspection will just have to wait for another year.

There have been changes in jobs, in location and in focus. Brian and Jen who were in Charleston, South Carolina have now moved into a 1904 century old World’s Fair home in St. Louis, complete with stained glass window in the middle of the front staircase. Jen began her cardiology fellowship in July and Brian is a financial analyst for Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company which is expanding its corporate presence in the midwest city they will call home for the next four years.

Jessica, in the final year of her master’s program in Blacksburg, Virginia, is looking for a teaching job which will combine her fields of expertise – chemistry and animal science education. She has had leads, feelers and even interviews, so an offer (and a first paycheck!) can not be far behind - we all hope!

David will begin his year long term as President of the AGA (American Gastroenterological Society) at the annual meeting in May, the culmination of many years of work in this national/international society. The travel is, of course, more frequent, but the places we go and the friendships we have made over the years have shown us how small the world has become and how many more people we are able to embrace in a special way. And then there is the University of Virginia GI Department where, in spite of all the travel and work associated with the AGA, he works full time – and more!

Kristin has been promoted to the Director of Information Technology of the small business in which she also manages the shopping centers. All 27 of the computers she maintains at Great Eastern Management Company (and the ones at home, too, which are all networked together) hum along nicely under her watchful eye. She continues to be webmaster of many business, personal and non-profit websites. Of course, the one that gets the least attention is , but we invite you to visit us there.

All in all, we are happy, healthy, and looking forward to the next year with a sense of anticipation. We have been blessed in so many ways and want to share these blessings with our family as well as our old and new friends. We remember you at this special time of year and love to hear from you. Always we remember what Grammie said to a young David each time he went out the door: “Remember where you came from.” To that we would only add, “so that we may see you again.”