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Christmas 2009

We wish you belated holiday greetings. 2009 was as a wonderful year for the Peura family, full of joy and blessings. Kristin and David celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary (how time flies) and purchased a small condo on Daniel Island SC near Brian and Jen and, of course, Zachary.  We try to visit at least 1 week per month to baby sit and keep up with Zach’s milestones – so many amazing things that children do to make being a grandparent such a joy.  

Kristin remains busy a work - now the “bread winner” since David has cut back his UVA activities. She has no plans to retire any time soon, especially since she can get most things done remotely. David marvels at how Kristin can work on her office computer from SC yet he has trouble connecting to his e-mail. Attention to detail and her IT skills make her an important part of the corporate team as she starts her 20th year with Great Eastern Management. 

David continues to travel lecturing and consulting and work 2 days a week with the fellows. During a recent trip to Guadalajara Mexico, David received a medal from the Mexican GI association – quite an honor and surprise. Golf has taken a back seat to cooking, something Kristin enjoys as much as David. For Christmas Kristin compiled a book of his favorite recipes and had a limited edition (family only) published complete with pictures of memorable meals – a few special family recipes were also included.   

Jessica and her 2 dogs still live on the Peura farm in Crozet. We got to sample fresh vegetables and basil from her summer garden. She enjoys her waitressing job – one of the benefits is a free meal on work days. Jessica’s circle of friends appreciates her – she is always available to offer a ride to a doctor’s appointment, help with shopping and dog sit. 

Brian and Jen closed on an amazing house on Daniel Island just a few blocks from Kristin and David’s condo – lots of room inside and outside for everyone including their huge dog, Smoky. Brian coordinated painting and remodeling some of the areas before the family moved in – this week. We are all proud of Jen who is becoming a published academic cardiologist and was appointed as head of the LVAD program at MUSC (that is the device that keeps potential heart transplant recipients alive while waiting for a donor).  

Grammie and Grandfather had a chance to “really” babysit Zachary for 4 days when Mom and Dad took a trip to Madrid for needed R&R. Each time we see him he has new skills – now he is running non stop and into everything. His unique vocabulary enables him to communicate most things and we suspect by the end of this month or at least by February he will be talking in real words, if not phrases. Zachary had his 1st birthday party in November and his first taste of cake which he did not like. Birthday pictures, Santa pictures and other family photos that feature the “Big Guy” can be found on his blog ( or at for anyone interested.  

The new decade promises to be exciting and full of blessings opportunities to share joy with family and friends. May God continue to shine in your lives! 

Kristin and David